Application Form For Driver Licence Download

UDLS Medical Application Form For Driver Licence Uganda Download (Learner, Full, Exchange, Lost, Extension)

admin  -  May 24, 2021

A UDLS medical application form is part of the requirements when applying for a driver licence in Uganda. The medical application form is mandatory for example for first-time driver licence applicants, and those who are doing a foreign driving permit exchange, while it is optional for those who are applying for a renew, extension and...

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Exchange Foreign Driving Licence

How to Exchange Foreign Driving Licence In Uganda

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English Conversation About Electronic Media
admin  -  May 23, 2021

The process of converting a foreign driving licence into a locally acceptable driver’s license in Uganda is known as an exchange. The foreign driving licence exchange is mandatory for all foreigners who wish to drive on Ugandan roads. This process helps to convert one’s current foreign driver’s license into a locally accepted one thus allowing...

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