How to Renew a Driver Licence in Uganda

Renew driver licence

Renewing a driver licence is intended to extend the validity of road access for drivers in Uganda. Failing to perform a renew can lead to elapsing of one’s driving license, in addition to going against the road traffic laws. As soon as a driver’s license is expired, it is recommended for one to process a renewal assuming they still need to drive.

The process of renewing a driver’s licence in Uganda is very simple for as long as one follows the DIY instructions shared below. It is very important to note that failure to provide the mandatory requirements means failure to complete the driver’s license renewal process.

Requirements for driver licence renew in Uganda

Fees for driver licence renew 2021

5 years310,000
3 years210,000
1 year130,000

Procedures for renewing a driver licence in Uganda.

  • Visit to generate and print driver licence renew URA Payment PRN
  • Visit any bank of choice and make the payment of UGX 310,000/=, or UGX 210,000/=, or UGX 130,000/=. You can also pay using Pebuu, Payway, or Mobile money
  • Visit UDSL and download the Medical form for driver license renew application
  • Get a medical practitioner to examine you and stamp on the application form.
  • Attach all the other documents you obtained and submit.

Process your driver licence renew application

Visit any of the UDLS offices and submit your application. Your documents will be reviewed and upon approval, you will be issued with a driver license extended for the number of years you paid for. Using the issued document, you can go on and drive without worrying about DL.

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