How to Obtain a New Driver Licence in Uganda

New Driver Licence in Uganda

A new driver licence gives the owner access to drive on any road in Uganda, EAC, and COMESA countries. Obtaining a new driver’s license in Uganda means that the applicant has fully completed all the required steps including driving training sessions, being physically fit as per medical practitioner recommendation, and having paid all the required fees.

Once the applicant has undergone the driving test at the Police IOV and passed both the oral and practical tests, the next step is applying for a new driver licence. Just like how the process of obtaining a learner driving licence goes, certain fees which are determined by the number of years one is applying for must be paid in order for one to be given a full new driving permit in Uganda.

Requirements for applying for a new driver licence in Uganda

Prices for new Uganda driving licence

5 years330,000
3 years230,000
1 year135,000

Procedures for obtaining a new driver licence in Uganda.

  • Visit to generate and full new driver licence URA Payment PRN
  • Visit any bank of choice and make the payment of UGX 330,000/=, or UGX 230,000/=, or UGX 135,000/=. You can also pay using Pebuu, Payway, or Mobile money
  • Visit UDLS and download the Medical form for the new driver license application
  • Get a medical practitioner to examine you and stamp on the application form.
  • Attach all the other documents you obtained and submit.

Process your new driving permit application

Visit any of the UDLS offices and submit your application. Your documents will be reviewed and upon approval, you will be issued with a new driver license valid for the number of years you paid for until renewal time. Using the issued document, you can go on and drive without worrying about DL.

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