How to Exchange Foreign Driving Licence In Uganda

The process of converting a foreign driving licence into a locally acceptable driver’s license in Uganda is known as an exchange. The foreign driving licence exchange is mandatory for all foreigners who wish to drive on Ugandan roads.

This process helps to convert one’s current foreign driver’s license into a locally accepted one thus allowing one to be able to drive. The entire process is very simple to do for as long as one provides all mandatory requirements. In case of a driver licence class extension, the above link will guide you.

Requirments for foreign driving licence exchange

  • Proof of driver license exchange payment (URA Payment PRN)
  • Original Passport
  • Original driving licence from your country of origin
  • Duly filled, stamped, and signed medical form for application of an exchange driver licence
  • If your DL is not in English, a translation from the embassy/Makerere School of Languages is required
  • 6 months plus valid work permit
  • CLO (Chief Licensing Officer) letter
  • A student Visa and a letter from the school of admission for students
  • Dependant pass for spouses and children where applicable

Prices for foreign driving licence exchange 2021

5 years330,000
3 years230,000
1 year135,000

Procedures for applying for a foreign driving licence exchange in Uganda.

  • Visit to generate and foreign driver licence exchange URA Payment PRN
  • Visit any bank of choice and make the payment of UGX 330,000/=, or UGX 230,000/=, or UGX 135,000/=. You can also pay using Pebuu, Payway, or Mobile money
  • Visit UDLS and download the Medical form for the foreign driver license exchange application
  • Get a medical practitioner to examine you and stamp on the application form.
  • Attach all the other documents you obtained as required and proceed to UDSL.

Process your foreign driving permit exchange application

Visit any of the UDLS offices at Uganda Railway Station, Plot 57 Nasser Road, Kampala, in Jinja, Mbale, Gulu, Arua, Fort Portal, and Mbarara, and submit your foreign driving permit exchange application. Your documents will be reviewed and upon approval, you will be issued with a new driver’s license converted from your country of original licence.

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