Somali Driver’s License: 21 Facts You Should Know

Somali Driver’s License

Obtaining a driver’s license in Somaliland is the legal way to be allowed to drive on the road. The Transport Department of the Ministry of Transport & Roads Development is the one-stop point when it comes to issues to do with Driving licenses in Somalia.

Whether you are looking forward to getting your first driver’s license, exchanging a foreign driving license, replacing a lost, damaged, or missing driver’s license, or even obtaining a temporary driving permit, this tutorial is a full A-Z resource since it covers everything about Somaliland DL.

Somaliland Drivers License Grades

In Somalia, there are 6 driving license grades. They include Grade A, B, C, D, E, and F with each having a type of vehicle/motorcycle it applies for. This means that depending on the vehicle you want to drive or ride, you are allowed to process a grade of license which is matching it.

Requirements for a Driver’s License in Somalia

Obtaining a driver’s license in Somalia attracts a few requirements depending on the grade of license one is applying for, and also depending on who is applying.

General requirements

  • Identity card, or passport of residence, or refugee registration card
  • Be in good health
  • Eye size and blood type results
  • Theory and practical exams pass results
  • Must pay the tax due, or
  • License tax payment letter, and overtime from the ministry
  • Must be at least 16 years old according to traffic rules Xl: 56/2013
  • If he is over 45 years old, born in 1977 or earlier, what passes the theory exam only, passes the practical driving test, OR
  • Passes the driving test practical driving exam 6
  • Ability to read and understand the contents of the textbook and able to select answers at specific times for illitrate people.

Note: Different license grades require different theoretical and practical exams. If you are processing a Grade A license for Bajaj and Motorcycle, you must provide passed results for special budget and motorcycle, special passenger transport for Grade D license, special license for Grade B, Special Classes C&E, special passenger rating for F grade

Refugee driver’s license requirements

  • Must have a refugee identification card issued by the JSL IDP and Refugee Agency.
  • Must have a Criminal Investigation Department (CID)
  • His health and ability to be a driver should be valued
  • Must have an eye and blood type test
  • Must pass the Theory and Practical Exams of the various grades of driver’s license A, B, C, D, E, F
  • Must pay license tax, and overtime from the department.
  • If he is over 45 years old, born in 1977 or earlier, passes the Theory exam only.

Issuance of driver’s license to Somalis:

  • New registration card issued by the Immigration Office of the Republic of Somaliland.
  • Criminal Investigation Department (CID) letter
  • Be in good health and able to drive
  • Eye and blood type test results
  • Theory and Practical Exams pass depending on license grade e.g Grade A, B, C, D, E, F
  • Pay license tax, and overtime from the ministry.
  • If he is over 45 years old, born in 1977 or earlier, passes the Theory exam only.

Associated fees for Driving Permit in Somaliland

  • SL Shillings 468,000 (Light vehicles)
  • SL Shillings 601,000 (Heavy trucks)
  • SL Shillings 96,000 annual renewal fee for light vehicles
  • SL Shillings 130,000 annual renewal fee for heavy trucks
  • $10 Sight test and blood group testimony

How to obtain a Somaliland Driving License

Make sure that you have all of the above requirements as outlined in the requirement section above. Submit all of the documents including the filled Application form you obtained to the Transport Department Office.

Once your application is received, it will be reviewed and a Somaliland driver’s license will be issued to you. Kindly note that the entire process can take between 2-3 days.

Your application approval is subject to having been tested for the category of vehicle/s you wish to drive.

Important Faqs about the Somaliland Driving License

  • Foreigner holding passport with residence visa can apply in the same process
  • If you fail in the driving test, $10 is charged for retest
  • Somali citizens holding foreign driving license can take same-sized license without passing driving test according to Article 72 under the Somaliland Traffic Law.

Somaliland Temporary Driving Permit

A temporary driving permit is issued to those individuals who are from the Diaspora holding drivers licenses issued from different countries, for example, Kenya, Uganda, India, Rwanda, etc

While the Somaliland traffic law allows driving with foreign licenses, sometimes it becomes difficult for traffic officers when it comes to identify the legitimacy of such documents. This is due to factors like the language in which such licenses were written which may turn convincing to traffic officers.

That is why the same laws give room for those foreign driver’s license holders for example who wish to drive in Somaliland depending on their stay timeframe to apply and obtain what is known as Temporary Driving Permit.

Requirements for Somaliland Temporary Driving Permit

  • Completed Application Form obtained from the Transport Department Office
  • Copy of a valid foreign driving license
  • Two recent passport size photos

How to apply for a Somaliland Temporary Driving Permit

Once you have all of the above documents, you can submit them to the Transport Department Office.  You will then be issued a Temporary Driving Permit Letter that allows you to drive on the road. Both Somali nationals from the Diaspora and foreigners can apply.

How to Obtain a Duplicate Driving License in Somalia

In any case, if your driver’s license is lost, damaged, or missing, you are required to report the matter to the Traffic Police Headquarters, and register your name and number of your lost driving license.

Process of issuing a driver’s license for a government vehicle, and the vehicle registration mark

The driver’s license for a public vehicle is a newer, more modern one, similar to a green driver’s license. It is similar to a public transport driver’s license type and has 6 grades A, B, C, D, E, F.

Process of issuing a Government Driver’s License

  • Must have a staff card issued by the Public Service Commission
  • The card must be a driver’s license, or must be on the list of government transport drivers provided to us by the labor agency.
  • His health and ability to be a driver should be valued
  • Must have an eye and blood type test
  • Must pass the Theory and Practical Exams of the various grades of driver’s license A, B, C, D, E, F
  • Must pay overtime from the ministry total SLSH 100,000
  • If he is over 45 years old, born in 1977 or earlier, passes the Theory exam only.

Procedures to replace a Lost Driving License in Somalia

  • If it is a valid driver’s license that has been lost, the person will be asked for his or her identity card, verified with the official register of the department, proving that he / she has passed all the required duties (Theory and practical exam), and then issued bone lost its money.
  • If you have a lost license, such as a book, and a 3-year-old, who is under the age of 45, will be subjected to a theoretical and practical examination passing a practical exam  

Final Verdict

Right from getting a new driver’s license to replacing it if lost, this guide has everything you need about Somaliland driver’s licenses. For anything related to the above, always refer to this guide and be able to obtain or process the legal driving document since everything is very easy just as you see.

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