Steps to Obtain a New NTSA Smart Driving License in Kenya Via TIMS

New NTSA Smart Driving License TIMS

Applying for, and obtaining the new NTSA Smart driving license in Kenya just got better. Since the phasing out of the old booklet drivers license, the process of obtaining a drivers license changed from the manual to online, and done through the TIMS citizen self-help web portal.

Without taking much time, I will show you how to go about applying for, and obtaining the NTSA Smart driving licence in Kenya. The entire process is simple but requires an active internet connection, just like it works when processing an interim driving license. Once you are set, you should follow the below procedures to apply for your SDL.

Steps to apply for NTSA Smart Driving License

  • Visit citizen sel-service portal
  • Click “Sign in” using eCitizen portal, or create a new account
  • Click on “Driving License”
  • Click on ” Apply for Smart DL”
  • Review filled information and click “proceed’
  • Choose “Payment method” and complete the payment.
  • Book an appointment with NTSA to take your biometric

Obtaining Your SMART Driving License

Interim Driving License application

Upon successfully completing your payment of Kshs. 3050/=, and visiting NTSA offices for photo and biopmetric taking, you should be able to pick your SDL between 5 days and a few weeks. Once you have it in your hands, you are ready to drive with no worries.

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