The 4 Types Of Driving License in India

Types Of Driving License

There are 4 different driving license types in India. If you are planning to drive on any road in India, understanding the type of drivers licence you need is very important if you don’t want to land into trouble for violating road traffic rules. Just like it is in other countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, etc, obtaining a driving licence is the only way you can be allowed to drive, and legally.

Being an official document issued by the respective government agency, having a driving licence in India qualifies the bearer to drive the list of vehicles or motorcycles classes corresponding with the type of license one is having. For example, you will be permitted to drive drive a car, a truck, a bus, a bike, etc depending on the type or class or your licence.

As far as the Road Transport Authority is concerned, below are the types of driving licenses in India.

4 Types of Driving license in India

  • Learner’s driving license
  • Permanent driving licence
  • Commercial driving license
  • International driving permit

Each of the above driver’s license type has its own requirements including who is permitted to own the same as determined by the RTO – Road Transport Authority. Issues including the age of the applicant, undertaking the driving exam, payment of the associated fees, the type of vehicle or motorcycle one is intending to drive, residency, and etc may determine ones eligibility.

Learner’s driving license

Obtaining a learner’s driving license is the very first step towards getting your driver’s license in India. The learners is indeed to get you started with driving in order to master the entire art. Holders of learner’s driving licences are like students enrolled in a school before graduating. Such licences have a validity of 6 months which time is intended to allow one learn fully how to drive before obtaining a permanent licence.

Permanent driving licence

By the time you are eligible for a permanent drivers licence, it means that one has undertaken all the requirements to be issued with a full licence. Things like having passed all associated driving tests and exams, being aged 18 years plus, etc, the RTO issues the applicant with a permanent driving licence which can be issued to drive private vehicles including cars, motor bikes, etc. It should be noted that one only qualified after the 6 months waiting time of the learners, and the bearer is allowed to drive on their own without an instructor.

Commercial driving license

The commercial driving license is a type of licence indeed for passenger vehicles and goods vehicles. Applying for this type of licence requires the applicant to have passed the 8th standard examination. The class is intended for such vehicles which are classified as heavy vehicles.

International Driving Permit

Like the name suggests, an international drivers licence which is usually valid for one year is issued to those applicants who intend to drive vehicles in a foreign land. The IDP is a conversion of your local permanent driving license into an IDP including all classes so you are able to drive hassle free in a foreign country. Upon expiry of the IDP, the applicant is advised to re-apply again in order to extend the driving time.

Winding up

Now that you know the different types of driving licences in India, it is that time you decide on which particular one depending where you fall. In order to be allowed on the road, it is mandatory to have a permanent license or an IDP for those from other countries.

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