How to Renew a Lapsed Driving Licence In Uganda

Lapsed Driving Licence

A lapsed driving licence occurs when one fails to renew it within 2 years from the date of expiry. Once a driver licence is marked as lapsed, the process of renewing it following the normal process is no longer applicable thus calling for the procedure in this guide.

In order to avoid the driver’s license issued in Uganda from lapsing, it is recommended that it is renewed within the allocated 2 years gross time from the expiry date. Otherwise, failing to do so will mean additional spending if at all one is still interested in driving in Uganda.

Unlike a normal driver licence renewal process where one pays renewal fees to the bank, attaching a Medical application form, all other required documents and proceeds to UDSL for verification and issuance of a licence, the process of renewing a lapsed licence is totally different through with some procedures remaining unchanged.

Requirements for lapsed driving licence renewal

Fees for renewing a lapsed driving licence

5 years330,000
3 years230,000
1 year135,000

Fees for testing expired driving licence

Test fee25,000

Procedure for renewing a lapsed driving licence

  • Visit Police IOV center at Naguru or any other branch offices
  • Present all required documents as indicated above
  • You will undergo a drivers test and be issued with a competence number and competence certificate
  • Attach all documents indicated above in addition to the stamped copy of your license and present them to the UDLS office on Nasser road or other branches.

You will be issued with a drivers licence fully renewed there aby allowing you to go back on the road and drive. But remember, once your licence expires and you fail to renew it in the 2 years gross period, it will be marked as lapsed once again and you will repeat each of the steps above.

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14 thoughts on “How to Renew a Lapsed Driving Licence In Uganda

  1. Until recently, I didn’t know that it is possible to renew a lapsed driver licence. Thank you author for the guide. I tried it and I am now able to drive with no restrictions since all my classes are put back. Bravo

    1. My permit lapsed two years ago, what is the exact cost payable to the company in the bank.i don’t want middle men

    1. Kindly ask the person who told you that to make a breakdown of the fees. A lapsed isn’t about a renewal only but too involves testing fees, completion certificate, renewal fees, etc.

    1. You have to renew the lapsed license first, and then add a class when you are done. Remember, class and renew are different entities and attract different fees however much the papers are processed at the same point. This means you can still do each separately

  2. After gathering all documents required what is the rest of procedures couse am told to wait for some days

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