Steps to Obtain a New NTSA Smart Driving License in Kenya Via TIMS

admin  -  July 7, 2021

Applying for, and obtaining the new NTSA Smart driving license in Kenya just got better. Since the phasing out of the old booklet drivers license, the process of obtaining a drivers license changed from the manual to online, and done through the TIMS citizen self-help web portal. Without taking much time, I will show you...

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Driver Licence Class Extension

How to Process & Add New Class Extension In Uganda Driver Licence

admin  -  May 23, 2021

Obtaining an additional class extension in a driver’s licence means an addition on the list of vehicles, motorcycles, or machines one is allowed to ride, driver, or operate in Uganda. A class extension for example from A which is for motorcycles to class B which is for motor vehicles means permission to drive vehicles falling...

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New Driver Licence in Uganda

How to Obtain a New Driver Licence in Uganda

Xerox Mobile WiFi Scanner Review
Xerox Mobile WiFi Scanner Review
admin  -  May 20, 2021

A new driver licence gives the owner access to drive on any road in Uganda, EAC, and COMESA countries. Obtaining a new driver’s license in Uganda means that the applicant has fully completed all the required steps including driving training sessions, being physically fit as per medical practitioner recommendation, and having paid all the required...

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