The Driving Book for Teens (Review)

Driving book for teens

The driving book for teens is an ultimate resource when it comes to teen driving. Read my review and find out why you need it as a teen driver, as a parent, caretaker, or instructor.

Authored by Olivia Summerville, this driving book for teens contains every bit of information necessary to help teen drivers get started. Contents include; learning to drive, mastering defensive driving skills, road signs, DMV written test questions, and lots more.

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Written specifically for teens

The driving book was specifically written for teens aged 14, 15, 16, 17, or 18 years old. If you wish to drive that BMW as a young driver, you will need to understand much more than simply sitting on the steering.

Why do you need this driving book for teens?

With vehicles having lots of requirements including must follow road traffic rules and regulations, you wouldn’t want to find yourself breaking any of the rules, which is why you need the book.

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What is contained in this driving book for teens?

Driving lanes and liners
  • Defensive driving
  • Driving laws
  • Road signs and traffic signals
  • Lane control lines and lights
  • How to pass safely
  • Best practices for driving on the highway
  • Parking in various situations
  • Identifying hazardous road conditions
  • What to keep in your car so that you’re prepared for common emergency situations
  • What to do if your brakes fail?
  • What to do if you get pulled over or get a traffic ticket?
  • What if you have car trouble?
  • And much, much more.

Since the book was written specifically for teens, you expect to find every information related to driving and technically. This book is unlike other books that simply focus on driving without going deeper for example omitting the required driving skills yet they are crucial.

Final Verdict

Learning how to drive has never been easy. But with the right resource combined with the right instructor, teen drivers can learn faster, be able to undertake the DMV written questions, master the required defensive driving skills and do much more in order to obtain a driving license. Now that you know what this book is all about, it is your turn to order and get started.

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