Application Form For Driver Licence Download

UDLS Medical Application Form For Driver Licence Uganda Download (Learner, Full, Exchange, Lost, Extension)

admin  -  May 24, 2021

A UDLS medical application form is part of the requirements when applying for a driver licence in Uganda. The medical application form is mandatory for example for first-time driver licence applicants, and those who are doing a foreign driving permit exchange, while it is optional for those who are applying for a renew, extension and...

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Learner / provisional driving licence

How to Obtain a Learner Driving Licence in Uganda

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admin  -  May 20, 2021

Obtaining a learner driving licence (LDL) in Uganda is your very first step towards getting a full driver’s license. A learner driving licence grants the owner permission to start driving training sessions on the Ugandan roads with an instructor seated in the co-drivers seat in the L plates numbered vehicle. The process of applying for...

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