Somali Driver’s License

Somali Driver’s License: 21 Facts You Should Know

admin  -  April 19, 2022

Obtaining a driver’s license in Somaliland is the legal way to be allowed to drive on the road. The Transport Department of the Ministry of Transport & Roads Development is the one-stop point when it comes to issues to do with Driving licenses in Somalia. Whether you are looking forward to getting your first driver’s...

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Rwanda driving license

Rwanda Driving License:  37 Important Facts to Note

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The truth about Martin Luther King-Truth! and Fiction!
admin  -  April 18, 2022

Driving in Rwanda requires the driver to have a valid driver’s license, just like it is in Uganda, Kenya, India, Tanzania, etc. In order to obtain the above document, the applicant must go through all available steps including undergoing a driving test, applying for a provisional license, applying for a definitive driving license and applying...

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