Driver Certificate of Competence Issued by Uganda Police IOV

How to Obtain Driver Certificate of Competence Issued by Uganda Police IOV

admin  -  May 25, 2021

A driver certificate of competence is mandatory when applying for a new driver licence, adding a class extension, and reviving a lapsed driving licence in Uganda. The driving certificate of competence is issued by the Police IOV upon presenting all required documents and undergoing both the theory and practical driving tests. Depending on the driver...

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Application Form For Driver Licence Download

UDLS Medical Application Form For Driver Licence Uganda Download (Learner, Full, Exchange, Lost, Extension)

admin  -  May 24, 2021

A UDLS medical application form is part of the requirements when applying for a driver licence in Uganda. The medical application form is mandatory for example for first-time driver licence applicants, and those who are doing a foreign driving permit exchange, while it is optional for those who are applying for a renew, extension and...

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Driver Licence Class Extension

How to Process & Add New Class Extension In Uganda Driver Licence

admin  -  May 23, 2021

Obtaining an additional class extension in a driver’s licence means an addition on the list of vehicles, motorcycles, or machines one is allowed to ride, driver, or operate in Uganda. A class extension for example from A which is for motorcycles to class B which is for motor vehicles means permission to drive vehicles falling...

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Renew driver licence

How to Renew a Driver Licence in Uganda

admin  -  May 21, 2021

Renewing a driver licence is intended to extend the validity of road access for drivers in Uganda. Failing to perform a renew can lead to elapsing of one’s driving license, in addition to going against the road traffic laws. As soon as a driver’s license is expired, it is recommended for one to process a...

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New Driver Licence in Uganda

How to Obtain a New Driver Licence in Uganda

admin  -  May 20, 2021

A new driver licence gives the owner access to drive on any road in Uganda, EAC, and COMESA countries. Obtaining a new driver’s license in Uganda means that the applicant has fully completed all the required steps including driving training sessions, being physically fit as per medical practitioner recommendation, and having paid all the required...

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