Requirements for Obtaining a Driving License in Tanzania

Driving license requirements

Obtaining a driving license instantly allows the owner to drive those motor vehicles, motor cycles, etc matching with the licence class/es under the particular category. Driving licence bearers are those individuals who have successfully undertaken the required training sessions (course), and have passed the corresponding tests as required in Tanzania.

Obtaining any of the different driving license classes means having fulfilled the requirements right from the age of the applicant, having obtained an award from a recognized driving college or school, having obtained a learners aka provisional drivers licence, etc.

In order for you to fully understand what you are required before thinking of obtaining a driving license, I have listed a list of requirements which you must posses in order to obtain your drivers license so as to be in position of driving legally on the roads as a first time applicant.

Requirements for driving licence in Tanzania

  • Must have attended any recognized driving college and awarded a certificate
  • Must have more than 18 years of age for motor vehicles and 16 years of age on-wards for motorcycles
  • Must have a learner/provisional driving license
  • Must undergo test and pay test fee
  • Must have an eye test certificate
  • Must have applied to Traffic police for testing
  • Must go to traffic police with a car for testing
  • Applicant having being tested may be allowed to drive motorcycles and saloon cars.

A set of procedures follows when it comes to obtaining each of the requirements as indicated above, as shared on Tanzania Revenue Authority website. Those procedures are mandatory if your target is to obtain the legally recognized document which allows you to drive in Tanzania, same case it works in other countries for example Kenya.

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