Driving License Classes and Categories in Tanzania

If you are planning to drive, or process a driving License in Tanzania, it is very important to understand the different driving licence classes and the categories each class falls into. This will allow you drive what exactly is allowed as opposed to driving what you shouldn’t, something which will avoid you landing into trouble […]

How to Apply for, and Obtain an Interim Driving License In Kenya

An interim driving license is issued to persons who are yet to recieve their drivers license. This documents is issued by the Kenya National Transport and Safety Authority, and is valid for the period which is described, ually one year. The process of applying for and obtaining an interim driving license is done online via […]

How to Book for Driving Test On NTSA Website in Kenya

Successfully booking for a driving test is the second step towards obtaining a driving license in Kenya. The driving test is undertaken by the provisional driving license bearers who think that they are now ready to fully drive on the road without an instructor, and a process that begins by booking a test. Driving testbooking […]

How to Renew a Lapsed Driving Licence In Uganda

A lapsed driving licence occurs when one fails to renew it within 2 years from the date of expiry. Once a driver licence is marked as lapsed, the process of renewing it following the normal process is no longer applicable thus calling for the procedure in this guide. In order to avoid the driver’s license […]

How to Obtain Driver Certificate of Competence Issued by Uganda Police IOV

A driver certificate of competence is mandatory when applying for a new driver licence, adding a class extension, and reviving a lapsed driving licence in Uganda. The driving certificate of competence is issued by the Police IOV upon presenting all required documents and undergoing both the theory and practical driving tests. Depending on the driver […]

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