How to Book for Driving Test On NTSA Website in Kenya

Driving Test Booking Kenya

Successfully booking for a driving test is the second step towards obtaining a driving license in Kenya. The driving test is undertaken by the provisional driving license bearers who think that they are now ready to fully drive on the road without an instructor, and a process that begins by booking a test.

Driving testbooking allocates the applicants the date, time, and location they would like to go for driver examination. The driving test booking is confirmed upon payment of the prescribed fees Kshs. =, after which a test booking certificate issued by the National Transport and Safety Authority is given to the applicant.

Depending on the driving test unit (DTU) one has chosen, a driving test examiner (DTE) shall test the applicant covering a range of areas which includes the following below.

  • Knowledge of the rules of the road
  • Knowledge of recognized road signals and road signs
  • Knowledge of any authorized road or highway code
  • Physical fitness to drive a motor vehicle of the class for which the license is required.

All of the above topics are covered during the course of driving training where it is assumed that by the time one decides to book for a driving test, they are ready to undertake all of the tests.

Steps to Book Driving Test

Log in to book driving test
  • Visit website
  • Click “Sign in” to log into your account
  • Click on “Get services now” under National Transport and Safety Authority
  • Click on “Driving Licenses”
  • Click on ” Learn more” next to Driving Test Application
  • Click on “Apply now” and fill in all required information.
  • Review filled information and click “proceed’
  • Choose “Payment method” and complete the payment.

Obtaining a Driving Test Booking Certificate

Upon successfully completing your payment of Kshs. /=, you will be redirected to the final page which you will be in a position of printing your Test Booking Certificate.

Similar to driver’s license applicants in Uganda who are required to pay test fees using a range of payments options, you can pay the driving test booking fees using M-Pesa, Debit/Credit card, Mobikash, or through an eCitizen agent just like when paying for a Provisional Driving License.

Once you pass the driving test, the applicant is issued with a certificate of competence (CofC) indicating the class or classes of motor vehicles they is permitted to drive. The C of C is valid for a period of three months, and upon expiry, it will be at the decision of the licensing officer to decide whether the applicant will undergo another driving test, or on the contrary, approve the application for payment of an interim driving license fee.

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