How to Renew a Driver Licence in Uganda

Renewing a driver licence is intended to extend the validity of road access for drivers in Uganda. Failing to perform a renew can lead to elapsing of one’s driving license, in addition to going against the road traffic laws. As soon as a driver’s license is expired, it is recommended for one to process a […]

How to Obtain a New Driver Licence in Uganda

A new driver licence gives the owner access to drive on any road in Uganda, EAC, and COMESA countries. Obtaining a new driver’s license in Uganda means that the applicant has fully completed all the required steps including driving training sessions, being physically fit as per medical practitioner recommendation, and having paid all the required […]

How to Obtain a Learner Driving Licence in Uganda

Obtaining a learner driving licence (LDL) in Uganda is your very first step towards getting a full driver’s license. A learner driving licence grants the owner permission to start driving training sessions on the Ugandan roads with an instructor seated in the co-drivers seat in the L plates numbered vehicle. The process of applying for […]

Renewing Driver’s Licence in Uganda

Formerly known as the driving permit, the process of renewing a driver’s licence in Uganda begins by fulfilling all the requirements necessary to get the renewal. Unlike in the past where for as long as you had a license, you would simply make the necessary payment and proceed to the defunct Face technologies, things changed […]

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