How to Renew a Lapsed Driving Licence In Uganda

A lapsed driving licence occurs when one fails to renew it within 2 years from the date of expiry. Once a driver licence is marked as lapsed, the process of renewing it following the normal process is no longer applicable thus calling for the procedure in this guide. In order to avoid the driver’s license […]

How to Obtain Driver Certificate of Competence Issued by Uganda Police IOV

A driver certificate of competence is mandatory when applying for a new driver licence, adding a class extension, and reviving a lapsed driving licence in Uganda. The driving certificate of competence is issued by the Police IOV upon presenting all required documents and undergoing both the theory and practical driving tests. Depending on the driver […]

Driving Licence Classes in Uganda

There are 14 classes of driving licence in Uganda. Each class has its own requirements when it comes to obtaining it. The applicant is subjected to a driver’s test, and upon fulfilling both the theory and practical exams, one is awarded a particular class corresponding with the vehicle tested for. Apart from a learners driving […]

How to Exchange Foreign Driving Licence In Uganda

The process of converting a foreign driving licence into a locally acceptable driver’s license in Uganda is known as an exchange. The foreign driving licence exchange is mandatory for all foreigners who wish to drive on Ugandan roads. This process helps to convert one’s current foreign driver’s license into a locally accepted one thus allowing […]

How to Process & Add New Class Extension In Uganda Driver Licence

Obtaining an additional class extension in a driver’s licence means an addition on the list of vehicles, motorcycles, or machines one is allowed to ride, driver, or operate in Uganda. A class extension for example from A which is for motorcycles to class B which is for motor vehicles means permission to drive vehicles falling […]

How to Process and Obtain a Duplicate Driving Licence in Uganda

If your driving licence is missing due to misplacement, been stolen, or lost, obtaining a duplicate will allow you to be back on the road in Uganda without worrying. The process of obtaining a lost, stolen, or misplaced driver’s license in Uganda is easy provided the applicant follows the right procedures and also submitting all […]

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