Illinois Driver’s Workbook (Review)

Do you want to obtain an Illinois learner’s permit without any problem? Do you want to score high finally you take the learner’s driving test? Or do you simply want to be prepared for any question that may come your way on the test? Take a look at what I found out. Disclaimer: Some of […]

Grandpa’s 51 Rules of the Road (Book Review)

Are you a beginner driver? Do you want to safely chart a course on the back roads and the highway? Let me introduce to you Grandpa’s 51 Rules of the Road, a book that was specifically written for beginner drivers. Grandpa’s 51 Rules of the Road contains everything you need to know when it comes […]

The Driving Book for Teens (Review)

The driving book for teens is an ultimate resource when it comes to teen driving. Read my review and find out why you need it as a teen driver, as a parent, caretaker, or instructor. Authored by Olivia Summerville, this driving book for teens contains every bit of information necessary to help teen drivers get […]

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